Our rich Oklahoma Natural Stone comes in two different variations: Hazelnut and Azul

Both of these variations, and their exquisite colors are unique to the Southeastern area of Oklahoma where our quarries are. Oklahoma Natural Stone is usually a form of Sandstone that is composed of feldspar and quartz. It is typically bound with silica, calcite, or iron oxide. In the region of Oklahoma that we quarry in, the stone is laying tangible horizontal layers underneath the earth. According to the locals, the gorgeous unique colors of cinnamon and turquoise are just a product of “how the Earth cooked that day.” Lucky for us and our customers, we have found the sweetest part of that Earth in our quarry, and created an efficient way to retrieve is from its resting place. Our rich silky smooth stone is absolutely enticing in its raw form coming out of the ground, and it looks even more exquisite once it has been properly laid on a job in its finished form.


Our Oklahoma Multicolored Natural Stone, or as we like to call it “Hazelnut,” is a premium natural stone Product. Not only is our stone mined out of a rich and bountiful quarry in Stigler, Oklahoma, but it is handled with care by our team. When you use our stone for your hardscape needs, you will not be disappointed to see how gorgeous the finished product looks.

Hazelnut has been known to have rich colors of cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla cream, and honey. It’s color is consistent throughout the entire product, guaranteeing you high grade quality.


Our Oklahoma Natural Blue Stone is like looking into the ocean after a storm. It is swirling with vibrant colors of onyx, sapphire, stormy gray, and sometimes you can find hints of Hazelnut mixed in. Mined in a quarry rich of Oklahoma Blue, our blue stone is premium grade quality.

When you receive your order of Oklahoma Natural Blue Stone, or as we like to call it “Azul,” you will be pleased to find finely stacked pallets full of premium grade material that is ready to complete your hardscape project.