About Us


When we look at our business, we see a business rooted in integrity that sits on top of rich Oklahoma Natural Stone. Our stone may not be the easiest to retrieve from the earth that it resides in, but for us it’s a challenge we can easily overcome. We have a quarry with the best equipment and well-trained staff that can handle our product with care, so it is in the best condition when it arrives to your location. Premium equipment like our KWA Hammers, Chris Cutters, and our small army of Skid Steers have set us up to have one of the largest quarrying operations in Oklahoma that can fulfill all your Natural Stone needs.


Not only have we set our quarry up with high-quality equipment, but we have equipped our company with a staff that takes professionalism and respect to the next level. Our customers and our stone are the utmost importance to us. In every aspect of our business, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality experience and product.


Quality Stone Quarries is committed to thoughtfully managing and reclaiming the land where we mine our product.  We work in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Mines, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the United States Army Corps of Engineers to develop and execute reclamation plans for our mines.  We collect and preserve the fill and other reusable material removed to reach our rock, and then return the land to its original condition upon completion, often with enhancements such as ponds or lakes to support new wildlife. 

What we do every day matters, and makes this task easier–from the proper disposal of waste, to the careful maintenance of quality equipment, to keeping the adjacent water and area clean and clear.  Like everything else, Oklahoma Natural Stone is a finite resource.  Please join us in safeguarding the environments where we live and work for future generations!


Not only is our stone mined with care, but we have taken care in retrieving it from the Earth. Quality Stone Quarries is dedicated to keeping its Natural Stone Operations Environmentally friendly. We are 100% percent committed to reclaiming the mined land with care; So it is not only safe, but so it is also beautiful for future generations.