Articulating Dump Trucks

John Deere Articulating Dump Trucks (ADT) move at ease with 25 tons of heaped payloads over adverse terrain with unsurpassed agility. Equipped with a Tier 3 environmentally friendly 9.0-liter diesel engine for a greener footprint.


John Deere 450D Excavator, weighing in at 50,000 pounds with 350 horsepower.  Provides a 30-foot digging depth and an arm force of 43,000 pounds. Tier 3 diesel power for a cleaner environment.

Articulating Wheel Loaders

John Deere 244J heavy duty articulating wheel loaders are designed to load trucks, move materials and feed choppers, with 73 horsepower and the versatility to operate in tight, punishing quarry conditions.

Stone Crushing Hammers

The Hydro Khan Hydraulic Stone Crushing Hammer, weighing in at over 3000 pounds, delivers 300 blows per minute with maximum efficiency and an incredible power-to-weight ratio.

Chris Cutters

The Chris Cutter 7 combines 350 tons of chopping strength with the finesse to produce dimensional flagstone, cap stone, strip building stone and stone flooring of hand-split quality and craftsmanship. Electric and hydraulic powered unit with a rigid frame for superior splits.

Veneer Saw

Our volume production veneer saw enables us to meet all of your veneer stone needs. These precise, irrigated saws can cut ¾” to 1 ½” thick veneer stone and corners with superior accuracy.

Wheel Loaders

The John Deere 544K and 644K Wheel Loaders move and mobilize large quantities of material. With 163 horsepower engines that meet Tier 3 emissions standards, plus incredible maneuverability, these units really boost productivity. 

Skid Steers

Our skid steers come with a 91HP electronic fuel injected engine while delivering more displacement and more torque rise and usable power. They feature a diesel particulate filter to reduce particulate matter emissions, and a DPF cleaning to oxidize soot exhaust for a cleaner and greener footprint.

Dimensional Saws

Precision diamond cutting saws produce dimensional stone to your architectural specifications. These irrigated saws operate on 240-volt 3-phase power at over 1500 rpm for accuracy and clean, precise edges.